Project Execution

During the complementary consultation, we listen to your ideas and desired outcome, taking into consideration your intended use of the space, lifestyle/needs, budget and preferred materials to meet your desired finish. By asking the right questions and inputting our own creative ideas we work with you to explore the possibilities and determine the right solution for you. We place a great deal of value on openness and directness with our clients.


If there are practical reasons why an idea won’t work, we tell you from the start and use our solid strategic insight and creative problem solving skills to offer alternative solutions still in line with your vision.

Technical Expertise Guides you Through


With a thorough understanding of the process and dynamics required for every transformation, we guide you through each stage of your desired design solution including technical factors such as internal or structural alterations and legal requirements such as local authority planning permission/ building control.


Transparent Costing Keeps you on Budget


When you are satisfied with the proposed design solution we provide you with a detailed quote identifying what you will be spending and where.


The price we quote you is exactly what you pay – there are no hidden costs resulting in additional bills to settle during or on completion of the project unless you require additional work carried out or a variation to the original quotation.



*Quotes are based on what can be seen at the time of issue. Additional costs may occur where development plans are forced to change due to the discovery of inadequate ground conditions leading to structural engineers amendments that could not be foreseen prior to commencement of the original project quoted for.